Over 50% Off Our South City location!

If you're on this page, more than likely you're one of the lucky few that came across our "12 Games For $20" advertisement on facebook! That's over 50% off our normal league fee! For only $20 per player, your team will receive jersey's, a 7 week kickball season that includes 12 officiated games + playoffs, over $550 in Free food from Hotshots Sports Bar on Watson Rd, and a chance to play in the Kickball STL Bi-State tournament at the Gateway Grizzlies GCS park! To redeem your discount, click on the "Register A Team" link on the left and complete the form.  Also, be sure to enter the promo code from the facebook ad to receive the discount. 
And that's basically it! You and your friends will get to participate in the best Kickball league in the bi state area at our lowest price ever!!
Why We're #1 in St. Louis

1. Each team receives over $550 in FREE Pizza from Hotshots each session! Each week, Hotshots offers up to 5 FREE large pizza's per team. Makes for a great post-game party!


2. Our Price! Unlike some leagues that require their players to pay nearly 3 MONTHS in advance to receive the "early registration discount", Kickball STL allows our customers to pay 3 WEEKS prior to the start of the season, and still receive our lowest registration fee. No pricing schemes here! Our normal price is $45 for players that need a league jersey, and $40 if you already have a jersey. TIP: If your league makes you pay for a new jersey every session, they're sticking it to you, plain and simple. By forcing everyone to re-purchase shirts, this creates a large bulk order. Inevitably this bulk order drives down their per shirt cost, thus increasing their profit margins. They make more, and you pay for it! How cool is that? At Kickball STL, we encourage our teams to re-use their shirt, thus passing the savings along to our VALUED CUSTOMERS. Caveat Emptor, buyer beware!

3. Season ending bi-state tournament at the Gateway Grizzlies GCS park! At the end of every session, Kickball STL takes the top 16 teams from our 8 metro locations and faces them off in a 10 million dollar stadium. Only the best for our players!

4. 8 metro locations! If you live in south city, then playing at Tower Grove park is convenient (Kickball STL has a south city location too) But if you live in the county, a trip to Tower Grove can be a bit of a haul. Kickball STL is convenient, and is expanding every year!

5. Team captain plays for free if they have 13 paid players! Other kickball leagues require as many as 17 players in order for the captain to play for free. QUESTION: if you've got 17 players on a team, how many at bats do you actually get? Kickball STL does not reccommend 17 players on a team, and we CERTAINLY DO NOT ENCOURAGE IT! That's just greedy. With Kickball STL, 13 paid players earns you a free spot on the team!

6. Kickball STL plays 9 inning games, those other leagues only play 7 innings. Think about it, if you're playing a 12 game season, and get to play 2 additional innings each game, that's 24 MORE INNINGS EACH SESSION. That's like playing 3 additional games! Less money, more kickball.

7. Division winners receive Championship T-Shirts! Yep, every player gets their own shirt to show off their winning season. Ya it gets expensive buying hundreds of these shirts for our champs; certainly buying a re-usable trophy would put more money in our pockets. But hey, we like to hook our people up! Click the "Championship Shirts" page on the left and check'em out.

The point is simple, why pay more for less? At Kickball STL, we're constantly working our asses off with league sponsors to get our players the biggest bang for their buck. These other guys are using pricing schemes (new jersey every session) and silly "payment deadlines" (early/normal registration) to pick-pocket their customers for a few extra bucks. If you're tired of the crap and would like to spend your money with a league that looks out for you, Kickball STL would love to earn your business. Give us a shot, you won't be disappointed!

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